Such a Fine Man Mr. Feynman

We’ve been in a constant argument as to why I did not place the the famous, prominent and well known Mr. Einstein in the top of my people-i-love list. Why Feynman? A question usually delivered in an high pitch by no other than Mr. Panda. Yes, yes, he is in love with Albert. At some point he did told me he love Mr. Einstein more then me. I cannot complain, he’s humour is real good. To prove that, he once said (all together now):

Two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity. I am not sure about the universe.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

If that didn’t crack you up. I don’t know what will. Until today it bothers him so much as to why I quote Einstein a lot yet I do not see him up there and is always second to Richard. Ah Richard Feynman. One, he is not just a world known Physicist but he is also an artist. When I was in uni, our professor always tells us that you are never a good physicist unless you explain something simply that even a baby boy carabao can understand it. So when Richard (you known when I mention his first name, I get shivers in my spine), did the Feynman Diagram it exuded his inner artistry by creating a representation of the subatomic particle behaviour’s mathematical expression. Imagine not having that diagram? How? Although I was a bit distraught when I learned that he helped develop the atomic bomb, it was for science and never intended to harm people. But above all this Scientific achievement, the very reason I am in awe of him is because he is a born New Yorker and I love New York. 🙂

-Ms Panda


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