Happy New Year


Credits to Fotolia by Adobe

Since I am writing from the rainy land of the Philippines, I was waiting till all part of the world finished the countdown and has hit the year 2017. So to all Science and Tech lovers… Happy New.. Oh wait, not yet. Phil and Baker Island has 20hours difference so basically they haven’t even started the countdown.

So what should we do? Greet them in Advance! Happy New Year everyone. May this year be a blast. I cannot wait for new advancement in Science to be unfolded. May this year be another year of new discoveries and tear jerking memories!

Happy New Year! again from Mr Panda (Canada) and Ms Panda (Philippines)

Trivia: I bet so much fireworks has been discharge to the innocent air. So let me some up how fireworks work. Fireworks are made basically with 4 major components: fuse, gunpowder, the sparkler and the container. The fuse is like a thread that is lit and the fire goes into the gun powder or black powder. This will create the explosion which then lit the sparklers of different metals creating different colors. The shape of the explosion is controlled by how the sparklers are strategically placed in the packaging thus the packaging plays a great role. There can be multiple shells in a packaging resulting to multiple sparks of colors. These sparks can be aluminum, iron, steel, zinc or magnesium.

Fireworks is magic made by Science. 😀

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