Why Physics?!

As a normal being who cannot part ways with her mobile phone, I have asked Siri “Why Physics?” quite a few times and it responded as any intelligent being would respond. Her response was “Interesting question.”. In case you don’t know who Siri is, then you can Google it. But really, why Physics?! what’s with Physics that makes people either love it or hate?

Generally, we define Physics as a science of studying matter and its behaviour. But then Why? Why do we try so hard to understand the natural phenomena of the universe instead of just letting it amaze us? All through my University years of studying Physics people would look at me and ask in a way that the question “why physics” will sound like “what the hell were you thinking diving into the pit of misery?”

Until today, I cannot provide a convincing answer to this question. Nonetheless, I was able to convince myself that there is a need to know Physics and deep dive into it. I think that studying Physics allows one to harvest the potentials of natural phenomena that can benefit the human race and bring in advancement. And that is what is happening right now.

Learning electron flow and being able to control it has allowed advancement in technology. Knowing about motions, gravitational forces, fluids and thermodynamics allowed us to live comfortably (partial credit to engineers.. Mr Panda is an engineer) and help us understand the crucial effect they have on our existence.

Ms Panda


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